Wood Colour Options

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Choose from multiple wood colour options available with our Mahogany Furniture




MR Wood Colour (Red Mahogany)
This is our default colour, most our stock is available in this colour.
The best description for this colour is a dark brown colour with a hint of red.


RM Wood Colour (Light Red Brown)
This colour is a a light verison of the RM with less Red in it.


BW Wood Colour (Brown Walnut)
The best description for this colour is a Walnut Brown colour, it's a standard colour that suits most kinf of furniture and widely used int he furniture industry.


LBW Wood Colour (Light Brown Walnut)
The best description for this colour is a Light Walnut Brown colour, it's a lighter colour than our BW standard Brown Walnut colour.


YLW Wood Colour (Light Brown)
The YLW colour has a hint of yellow with its light brown.

* RUSTIC COLOUR (Additional cost involved)

Rustic Wood Colour
One of the trending colours in the market these days, the Rustic colour when combined with our quality solid mahogany wood gives an eye catching piece of furniture


Natural Wood Colour
This is the natural colour of the maohgany wood.

* Colour Matching Service

Looking for a colour that we don't have?
We're so excited to offer our cutsomers the option to customise their colour according to their requirements or even colou match with their existing furniture.
Please contact us to discuss with our experienced staff.